To answer your questions...

I would like an opportunity to personally speak to your small group about Reckless Grace. Here are a few things you might want to know.

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? Much like the Forgotten Way study, I welcome the opportunity to personally share with your small group about the book, "Reckless Grace" and to take the time to answer questions as well.

HOW DO I SET IT UP? I do this through Skype or Zoom most of the time. We'll have someone contact you before and walk you through the process of setting up a video meeting.

HOW LONG IS THE VIDEO MEETING? It varies depending on your needs but with a time for Q&A it averages around an hour.

IS THERE A COST TO DO THE VIDEO MEETING? No. Other than the cost of the books for your group, there is no charge for this service.

WHERE DO I GET THE BOOKS? You can purchase the books at this website HERE or by going to

Reckless grace small group study

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