Faith Mountain Ministries


Faith Mountain Ministries was founded by Henry and Ronda Vanderbush in the late 70’s. Along with an extensive traveling schedule, Henry Vanderbush produced a radio broadcast heard across the midwest United States for more than 35 years. Traveling world wide preaching the Gospel, Henry Vanderbush spent 56 years devoting his life to sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It's difficult to estimate how many people came to a relationship with Jesus Christ through Henry and Ronda's ministry, for Henry never met a stranger.  His love for Jesus, his relentlessly joyful faith, his authentic affection for his family, and his amazing and boundless sense of humor endeared him to countless thousands of people.  Whether you knew him for a moment or for a lifetime, Henry Vanderbush had a way of making an impression. 

"Welcome to the broadcast of Faith Mountain Ministries." This phrase has opened our radio broadcast for many years, and Lord willing, many more to come.  It’s no small thing to be on the radio as long as we have.  With technology advancing at an alarming rate, radio somehow seems antiquated to some.  Yet we have a sense from the Lord and our listeners that we must continue.  So you can look forward to many more broadcast in the weeks to come.  Visit the links below to listen to the latest messages from the radio broadcast.  May God bless you richly, as we remember the Word made flesh and dwelt among us, and Who now dwells within us.


The radio broadcast is still heard all over the midwest United States as Bill Vanderbush continues the legacy of taking the Gospel to the nations. When you give, 100% of the FMM donations goes to advance the Kingdom of God through the radio broadcast and missions.