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Before you donate…

There are two things my Dad always used to say about money. One was, “If it’s God’s will, it’s His bill.” The other is, “God is not obligated to pay for what He does not order.” It’s common in our culture to question the motive of everything related to ministers and ministries. We place a ‘give’ button here because we have often been approached by people asking, “How can I sow into you?” This is the answer to that question. If you’re not asking that question, please don’t feel any compulsion to give.  I’m a Pastor at a thriving church, and we have a healthy itinerant ministry with many churches we speak into and partner with on a regular basis. But we do have some dreams that we know we can’t accomplish alone. Your gifts empower us to dream bigger and do more. Even though we have never asked for partnerships, there are many who have chosen to become that for us. Thank you so much for being a strength and support to who God has called us to be.

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