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Bill had the opportunity to pray in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC on September 30, 2015. As Bill reports, “It was an unforgettable experience. Continue to pray for our nation and leaders. Whether you agree with them or not, Paul and Peter both encouraged us to pray for and honor our leaders. If they could encourage the believers of their day to do that toward an oppressive system, how much more can we in this land of freedom?”


Bill has been working with Ted Dekker, collaborating on a revolutionary new release,The Forgotten Way, Meditations. The Forgotten Way is a 21 Day devotional will be released this Spring along with a DVD, CD, and study guide for small groups. 

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BOOKING – To book Bill at your church or event, send an email to Traci at

May 2016 Schedule

Harrisburg, PA – GCSSM Life Center

May 3

Moorestown, NJ – New Beginnings Church

May 4

Brookshire, TX – Men’s Retreat

May 6

Deltona, FL – Identity Church

May 11-12

Baltimore, MD – Vineyard Community Church

May 14

Rochester, NY – TBA

May 16-21

Boston, MA – New Hope Assembly

May 26-28

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