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Jesus gave mankind the freedom to hate, the challenge to love, and enough verses in the Bible to support both vengeance and grace.  Have you ever wondered how one book meant to reveal God has been itself such a launching pad for conflict and division?  Likely because as it reveals Him, it also reveals us.   For many years, the question has persisted, “Who am I in Christ?”  The question ought to be, “Who is Christ, in me?”  Because until you settle upon who He is, everything you think about who you are is merely a guess.  Pure doctrine and authentic belief is simply saying yes to what God believes about you.  And God believes some amazing things about you.  For it’s not what we believe about Him that defines who He is, but what He believes about us that defines who we are.   That union is the Divine reality that empowers your true identity.

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Feb 26 – Austin, TX

Heart of David school of worship, with Rick Pino – Austin, TX 

Feb 27-March 2 – Austin, TX

With David Hogan at Cathedral of Praise

March 8 – Houston, TX

In His Presence Church

March 9- Houston, TX

Encourager Church

March 12 – Austin, TX

Heart of David school of worship, with Rick Pino – Austin, TX

April 13 – Temple, TX

Christian Life Center

April 17-19 – Batson, TX

New Life Assembly of God

April 25 – 26 – Milwaukee, WI

Word is God Worship Center

April 27 – LaCrosse, WI

Connect Church, Onalaska

May 3 – Richmond, VA

The Dwelling Place, Richmond

May 4 – Williamsburg, VA

The Dwelling Place, Williamsburg

May 5 – Washington, DC

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