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Jesus gave mankind the freedom to hate, the challenge to love, and enough verses in the Bible to support both vengeance and grace.  Have you ever wondered how one book meant to reveal God has been itself such a launching pad for conflict and division?  Likely because as it reveals Him, it also reveals us.   For many years, the question has persisted, “Who am I in Christ?”  The question ought to be, “Who is Christ, in me?”  Because until you get a revelation of who He is, everything you think about who you are is merely a guess.  Pure doctrine and authentic belief is simply saying yes to what God believes about you.  And God believes some amazing things about you.  For it’s not what we believe about Him that defines who He is, but what He believes about us that defines who we are.   That union is the Divine reality that empowers the awakening of your true identity.

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We have teaching audio/video resources available for download at the new STORE page.

We have written and released a new book on the topic of love and relationships.  Vignette is a collection of poetry, journal entries, Scripture studies, and random musings that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  You can order Vignette from or download it to your Kindle.

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This past Summer Bill taught a Supernatural Summer Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke.  You can still subscribe to this six part series and stream or download all 12 hours of teaching for only $25.  For more information go to this link.

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In addition to Pastoring, leading a school of ministry, and traveling and speaking on a regular basis, Bill has also begun working with New York Times Best Selling Author, Ted Dekker.  “2014 began a new season for me as I accepted the position as Ted’s manager.  Even before I knew Ted as a great author, I called him a great friend.  And it it my honor and privilege to work with him.”  Bill will be working with Ted to develop resources that will accompany the new trilogy, beginning with A.D. 30 – The Forgotten Way of Yeshua.  A.D. 30 was released this past October to incredible reviews. The Forgotten Way 21 Day devotional will be released this Summer. A.D. 33 will be released in October, 2015.

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2015 Schedule

Austin, TX – Kingdom Wealth Conference at COPaustin – Lance Wallnau, Kris Vallotton, Bill Hart, Georgian Banov, Ted Dekker, Bill Vanderbush, Rebecca Rhodes

January 15-17

Jake Hamilton at COPaustin

January 22

Homestead, FL – The Oasis (Pastor Jim Mercer)

February 15 (Sunday AM Service)

Austin, TX – ReWrite Conference (with Ted Dekker, George Barna, Derek Webb, and more)

February 27 – March 1

Springfield, MO

March 5-6

Redding, CA

March 6-8

Horseheads, NY – GT Christian Life Center (With Bill Vanderbush, Rick Pino, Jamie Galloway, and Will Hart)

March 13-15

New York City, NY – RWC Congregational Retreat (Retreat on Fri and Sat, RWC Sunday morning)

March 27-29

Columbus, OH – Harvest Christian Fellowship (With Bill Vanderbush and Janice Seney)

April 10-12

Powel, OH – Zion Fellowship

April 12 (Sunday PM)

Full Schedule

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