Morning Meditations…

This week we’re at home in Celebration but preparing for a week of ministry in Germany starting October 26. I’ll be traveling with Dr William Lewis to speak in Luedenscheid and then we’ll spend a couple of days converging with believers from all over the world in Wittenberg for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. I believe that a new reformation is coming. And it’s more powerful and lasting than any revival that has ever been. Revivals may come and go, but reformation changes culture. I invite you to pray into this and as God reveals His intentions to you, set your heart to align with His will. It’s an especially exciting time to be alive and you’ve been born for this.

The Gospel

The cross is the eternal “yes” of God over humanity. Salvation unveils this beautiful new covenant revelation. You are one with God, in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Don’t let that scare you. You are not God, and He is not you, but you are most certainly the home that He has chosen to live within. (John 14:20) Paul said a most remarkable thing to the Galatians in chapter 2, verse 20. You have been (past tense) crucified with (co-crucified with) Christ. You no longer live (ponder the ramifications of that) but Christ lives in you. We don’t experience this life alone. Jesus Christ didn’t just die and resurrect for you. He died and resurrected AS you and now His life is IN you. It is His empowering grace that sets you free from sin, addiction, affliction, infirmity, and broken torment. Jesus Christ still saves souls, heals bodies, restores lives, imparts peace, renews minds, and empowers people to live out His love and life. All of the work that you’re anticipating in surrendering your life to Christ is best accomplished from a place of rest. That is, being at rest in the totality of the finished work of the cross. Rather than strive to do, surrender to be who your Father believes you are, and see if the truth of your authentic identity doesn’t embrace you. From a place of empowered surrender to the love of God, the creative possibilities are endless, and your life will never be the same. May you respond by saying, “yes” from your heart and experience the saving grace of Christ today.


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