Prayers and Meditations…

There are three questions I’ve been considering and asking people lately. Do you know that you’ve been born again? Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit? Are you being filled right now? Entering 2018, I feel the desire to focus in on the mission and mystery of the Gospel. “Christ in you, the hope of Glory.” Now is the day of salvation.

The Gospel

God, in Christ, has stepped into the darkness of your story, took the abuse of your rejection, turned it all into your adoption, and raised you up with Him. The cross is the resounding “yes” of God over humanity. Salvation unveils this beautiful new covenant revelation. You are united with God, in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. You are not God, and He is not you, but you are most certainly the home that He has chosen to live within. (John 14:20) Paul said a most incredible thing to the Galatians in chapter 2, verse 20. You have been (past tense) crucified with (co-crucified with) Christ. You no longer live to yourself, but Christ lives in you. We don’t experience this life alone. Jesus Christ didn’t just die and resurrect for you. He died and resurrected AS you and now His life is IN you. There’s no pride in this, because you didn’t do it! When we see what He has done, our only response is gratitude. It is His empowering grace that sets us free from sin, addiction, affliction, infirmity, and broken torment. Jesus Christ still saves souls, restores lives, imparts peace, renews minds, rebuilds relationships, heals bodies, and empowers people to live out His love and life. All of the work that you’re anticipating in surrendering your life to Christ is best accomplished from a place of rest. That is, being at rest in the totality of the finished work of the cross. Rather than strive to do, surrender to be who your Father believes you are, and see if the truth of your authentic identity doesn’t embrace you. From a place of empowered surrender to the love of God, the creative possibilities are endless, and your life will align to the destiny of God for you. May you respond by saying, “yes” from your heart and experience the saving grace of Christ today. Just say to God, from the deepest part of your heart, “God, I’ve tried to live without You, and I realize it’s not working. So right now, Jesus, I surrender my life to You. Take my life, and give me Yours. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Thank you for saving me and loving me.” Find a community that proclaims the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ, grounding you firmly in the soil of the Scriptures, and grow in grace. If this short writing impacted you today, write to me directly at, and tell me your story. Grace and Peace to you.


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Before you donate…

There are two things my Dad always used to say about money. One was, “If it’s God’s will, it’s His bill.” The other is, “God is not obligated to pay for what He does not order.” It’s common in our culture to question the motive of everything related to ministers and ministries. We place a ‘give’ button here because we have often been approached by people asking, “How can I sow into you?” This is the answer to that question. If you’re not asking that question, please don’t feel any compulsion to give.  I’m a Pastor at a thriving church, and we have a healthy itinerant ministry with many churches we speak into and partner with on a regular basis. Basically, we have no financial needs personally. But we do have some dreams that we know we can’t accomplish alone. Your gifts empower us to dream bigger and do more. Even though we have never asked for partnerships, there are many who have chosen to become that for us. Thank you so much for being a strength and support to who God has called us to be.