unlock the power of the word within you

What is Quantum Preaching?

I want to help you discover and develop your voice. This isn't about theology. It's about learning to be the best communicator that you can be.

Quantum preaching is a supernatural quantity of anointing proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the revelation it represents. To simplify, it’s the supernatural ability to connect with people where the revelation that’s making your heart come alive becomes the revelation that makes their heart come alive.

The future belongs to the storyteller, and the power of story is the layers of revelation it contains. In this course you will learn to become a master storyteller no matter what age or background of the audience you are speaking to.


The class is a video on demand course and you're able to work it at your own pace. Each video contains unique insights that will challenge you to become a better communicator. You will also get access to a private Facebook page where we are building a community of communicators. On that page and in the course we will consistently be adding bonus video and audio content that will continue to increase the value of the course.


1. The 30 day Quantum Preaching Masterclass.

2. Exclusive Private Facebook Group Access w/ Live Q&A, Influential Interviews, and More...

3. Access to my sermon vault. 

4. Revelation Insights. 

5. Video Preaching Insights.

...and so much more.

What does it cost?

The total cost for the course is $297.