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The story of Mephibosheth plays out like a movie. Its a tragic story with a triumphant ending and the parallels to the Christian life are profound. Listen with an open heart and see if you can't identify with the characters in this amazing tale of redemption.

Believers and Disciples

You can become a believer in a moment by faith, but it takes a lifetime to be a disciple. In an age when debate about the existence of God has taken many down a path of disillusionment, the call to discipleship is louder than ever. This podcast will take you beyond belief.

The New Covenant Part 2

The journey continues with a Scripture heavy expose of the New Covenant that sealed our reconciled union with God in Christ. The Gospel is better news than we have ever imagined.

the new covenant part one

The Bible is a record of God's covenants with man and the new covenant is our current and eternal arrangement. It's vital to realize that we are no longer under an old covenant system. If you try to relate to God from a dead system, your mind will be buried with it beneath the dirt of your own humanity. The new covenant embraced us in a reconciled union with the Spirit of God, the very breath of our being. Now we can be human and partake in the Divine nature as one together. It's this new covenant that makes that possible, and this podcast  will unveil it for you.

The Fast of Joy Part 2

God gives the previews of coming attractions in the Old Covenant as He takes a couple of key opportunities to introduce new ideas about fasting and feasting to Israel. Yet still today, we don't have a clue as to what to do with grace and freedom. It only reveals that we would still rather have clear rules rather than a fluid relationship with the Holy Spirit. If we don't know He is good we will never receive the strength of His joy.

The Fast of Joy Part 1

July 28 - Does God change? That’s an uncomfortable concept, especially when we know He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yet there are times when God describes how He dealt with people in the past, but says that from this point on things will be different. So what’s changing? This message will give you hope and insight into the nature and character of God, Who is training us to walk out a New Covenant abundance of life. 

One won for all

July 21 - Recorded outdoors in the farmland of Ontario, Canada, this message will empower a heart of gratitude at the unfathomable victory of Christ.

Be still and know

June 30 - Have you battled fear and anxiety? Learning the art of stillness is a powerful key to walking with confidence in the affection of your Father.

Grace and miracles

June 22

the embrace of grace

May 19 - An in depth study of John 20:23

Seeing the Holy

March 31

How Grace Works

January 13, 2019

Sharpening iron

"The world is a book and those who never travel have only read one page." Augustine

“Being noticed can be a burden. Jesus got himself crucified because he got himself noticed. So I disappear a lot.” Bob Dylan