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True Life

What is life all about? How do you find your destiny? 

Winds of Revival

What can the pandemic teach us about revival and moves of God?

"you are gods"

Remember the time when Jesus actually said this to people? He was quoting the Psalms. So what in the world did He mean? Get ready for a fresh perspective on identity from John 10.

God comforts the depressed

In the middle of affliction, Paul was filled with comfort and overflowing with joy. In this podcast you will learn how to walk in this freedom today.

The Church Comes Home

What happens to the church when large public meeting are no longer an option? When the attraction of the building and the location are not the draw, everything gets reduced to the message alone. This message will prepare your house to become an upper room.

return to the lord

From 2 Chronicles to Hosea 6, Bill tackles wicked kids, squandered anointing, the Kingdom in you, fallen prophets, the global pandemic, handling crisis, 17th century mystics, and big pharma in a power packed 29 minutes.


When we’re divided in our mind, or what the Bible calls being double minded, we are said to be unstable in everything we do. James 1:8 The Greek word for unstable here is only used once in the Bible and it literally means restless or at a state of dis-ease. Division invites dis-ease. 

Jesus is lord

Is Jesus Christ genuinely the Lord of your life? Or is he merely an ancient theological idea to be debated about? This podcast will examine the lordship factor in our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Believers and Disciples

You can become a believer in a moment by faith, but it takes a lifetime to be a disciple. In an age when debate about the existence of God has taken many down a path of disillusionment, the call to discipleship is louder than ever. This podcast will take you beyond belief.

the new covenant part 1

The Bible is a record of God's covenants with man and the new covenant is our current and eternal arrangement. It's vital to realize that we are no longer under an old covenant system. If you try to relate to God from a dead system, your mind will be buried with it beneath the dirt of your own humanity. The new covenant embraced us in a reconciled union with the Spirit of God, the very breath of our being. Now we can be human and partake in the Divine nature as one together. It's this new covenant that makes that possible, and this podcast  will unveil it for you.

The New Covenant Part 2

The journey continues with a Scripture heavy expose of the New Covenant that sealed our reconciled union with God in Christ. The Gospel is better news than we have ever imagined.

Be still and know

June 30 - Have you battled fear and anxiety? Learning the art of stillness is a powerful key to walking with confidence in the affection of your Father.

Sharpening iron

"The world is a book and those who never travel have only read one page." Augustine

“Being noticed can be a burden. Jesus got himself crucified because he got himself noticed. So I disappear a lot.” Bob Dylan