The Smell of Knowledge

by billV on October 9, 2017

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I was reading this morning in Psalm 139:16 where King David says that the eyes of God saw your substance and wrote it down in a book before you ever came to be. Every time I walk into an old bookstore or enter a university library (you know the kind with a spiral staircase in the corner and the smell of ancient knowledge) I always get this sense of the presence of God. I know that may sound ridiculous, but I get the sense that God really likes books. There’s something about the recording of wisdom that seems to be close to His heart, and it wouldn’t surprise me if eternity doesn’t reveal that Heaven has a library. Books, kind of like God Himself, require tactile interaction and searching to mine the information in them. They’re not hiding anything that a seeking heart can’t uncover. And the thought that God has a book specifically related to the substance of your being and the destiny of your days is quite powerful. The next time you walk into an old bookstore, see if you don’t find it to be a nice place to pray and ask God what He’s written about you.

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