The Emancipation of the Gospel

by billV on April 27, 2017

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In July, 1862, Abraham Lincoln drafted the first pass at the emancipation proclamation. It wouldn’t go live nationwide until January, 1863. And like any idea that threatens to change people’s lives, it took some getting used to. People’s love for good news is only outweighed by their fear of change. Or to put it another way, if you take someone out of a log cabin in Kentucky and put them in a mansion in Beverly Hills, they might not adapt so easily. You may recall a quaint little tv show about this in the 60’s called the Beverly Hillbillies. Contrary to the lofty ideals of thousands of former slaves packing up for a well deserved weekend at the beach to celebrate the emancipation proclamation, it took many years for the effects of that freedom to be realized. One slave claimed to believe in Mr. Lincoln, and had heard of the emancipation, but was heading out to the field to tend to it because even though he was told that he was free he simply didn’t know what that meant. And so it is with the Gospel. The Gospel means “good news” and news is to report that which has happened. The cross and resurrection is the emancipation proclamation of Heaven over humanity. You are free. Yes, you. Even YOU! The Holy Spirit will teach you how to be free.

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