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What's the Point of Prayer and Fasting?

by billV on February 14, 2017

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Disciplines like prayer and fasting don’t make God. They make me. There’s no arm twisting or begging of God in these things. They are reminders of Spirit, a focused intention tending to the roots of faith in the soil of the heart. The disciplines of of prayer and fasting kill unbelief and give rise to an awareness that we are more than mere flesh and form. We don’t do these things because we are becoming something. We do these things to become aware of who we are. When you lose yourself, return to prayer.
When your heart is darkened by foolishness, return to fasting. When you forget who you are, pray and listen. When you’re offended at God, fast and detox. These aren’t dead religious works unless they become lifeless habit. They are an infusion of Presence in purposeful acts of life-giving worship. In prayer and fasting, I awaken and align to who the Father has always known me to be from before the foundation of the world. These disciplines keep me from becoming consumed with me.
The desire for things diminishes as the awareness of the Spirit is illuminated in clarity. If you have lost and let go of these disciplines in an effort to rest in a revelation of grace, I encourage you to revisit some of these disciplines that were so important to Jesus Christ. Let the Spirit draw you to them and them to you and in that drawing you will find the Spirit life and depth of soul tie with God that you longed to discover when you said your first prayer.