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by billV on October 11, 2013

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Matthew 6:14 NASB

People find it hard to release to others what they themselves are not worthy of. Bitterness thrives within a heart unwilling to receive grace. What you extend to others, you release to yourself. When you release grace you agree with Christ. When you forgive others you forgive yourself. (see also Matt 7:1-3)

1 John 4:7 NASB

Love is not a concept, idea, philosophy, or feeling. Love is a Person, Jesus Christ.

Mark 10:16 NASB

When Jesus said let the children come, He was inviting them to do the unthinkable. To joyfully climb upon the literal “Mercy Seat” of God.

I have discovered that I only find rest in the arms of Love, my head on the pillow of Justice, enveloped in the breath of Peace. The inexplicable embrace of an absolutely good God whose just-ness was satisfied in Christ once for all, that is the kindness that leads me daily to a renewed mind. For neither Love nor Justice are a what (to be replicated), but rather a “Who” (to be represented). Now if I can just re-present that to everyone with a pulse…

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