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Texas School of Supernatural Ministry (TXSSM)

by billV on October 11, 2013

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Nehemiah 8:9-10

When you hear about something being holy, what’s your immediate emotional response? Probably to lower your voice to speak in hushed tones, to adopt a posture and countenance of reverence, and to get serious. That’s quite the opposite of this raucous wine and BBQ fiesta. But that’s not the portion here I’m drawn to today. The part I’m fixated with this afternoon is the common phrase here regarding the joy of The Lord.

It is our alignment with the Divine nature of Joy that unloads massive quantities of strength. So I don’t have to create my own joy, even though I have the ability to do that through Him. One thing I know about chronically happy people, they’re not preoccupied with unattained desires or unmet expectations. Joyful people have lost their perception of lack, giving the world cause to quote phrases like ignorance is bliss. Yet the joyful may be quite the opposite of ignorant. God knows everything about everything, and remains eternally joyful. This must mean that if we are not joyful and He is, He knows something we don’t, and what He knows about you delights His heart. I’m just persuaded in this, that if we knew what God knows, we would be just as joyful as He is.

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